postheadericon Mancow Creates Robot Children With PillowTalk

Mancow Creates Robot Children With Pillow Talk

Its 6:30 in the morning and I just got off the phone with Mancow Muller. In 90  seconds I was able to get my message of Pillow Talks out to his 11 million listeners, about the same amount of time as it takes to speak a Pillow Talk to your child.

It was very exciting…

It has been  quite a ride this past week. I have been a listener of Mancow for many years. I know that he is fast and unpredictable. I wondered if I would get to speak my message of Pillow Talks.  Lying awake most of the night I had a thousand conversations with Mancow. My pitch was so dark discussing the creation of robot children, and my message is the opposite. He prompted me on creating robot children, but not taking the bait I switched back to how my message is to eliminate fears and empower our children.  Since I was off pitch he was gracious and let me stay on air almost a full 90 seconds. Don’t leave the room during commercials or you will miss it.

He concluded with he uses Pillow Talks with his daughters every night, and that my message is great and big things are going to happen for me. It was short and I loved the finale.

–Nurse Nancy

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