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“What one truly needs in life has a value; what one doesn’t need in life has a price” – unknown


Today was a big day. The kids had saved some toy money up, household supplies were low, I had the day off, and it was time to take a trip into town to shop. First the children and I made breakfast; we went special and made French toast. Michael handled the plates, Sarah handled the mixing and mommy handled the grill. We laid out our plans and stops while we ate.

Next load the truck and off to the gas station. The kids want fast food. Wait you just had breakfast, maybe for lunch, and $56 later we are off to town.

First stop let the kids spend their money at the game store. This was an interesting stop and I learned something new. The kids were not interested in games but, prepaid game cards. These were what looked like prepaid phone cards, except they are for game websites. Websites were you send money to get to better levels and characters and such. Wow, I wonder how many parents know about this, I thought. I am glad we have structured video rules setup and the kids are spending their own discretionary money. $60 later we are on our way. 

Next we spend $20 for a fast food lunch without soda or happy meals. Then we spend $150 at the mall, then $120 at the grocery store. That’s enough shopping lets go home. On the way home we stop by the city park and spend a couple of hours playing. 

At home we meet up with dad and cook dinner. Great conversation about the day and everyone chips to help make the meal. The kids get to practice music and spend their allotted time on the computer in the evening and it’s time for bed. 

Everyone brushes their teeth and it’s off to bed for night time songs and tucking in. Later after they are asleep I give Pillow Talks to anchor the experience of the day and their good behavior. 

So the kids are asleep and I have time to reflect on my day. Spending quality time with my kids was wonderful. The daily hugs, spending time at the park, interesting conversations, cooking breakfast and dinner and tucking them in for the night made my day a wonderful success. These are the things I will and want to remember about today.

 Interesting, none of the things I will remember have to do with spending money. In fact many of the things we spent money on took away from or would have taken away from the experience if allowed to be used today. As I reflected on why the day went so well, It is obvious to me that my choice to learn and practice positive parenting allowed me to guide and sculpt the day. From hugs to structured allowances and electronic times, preplanned trips to final pillow talks at night, my positive parenting skills and techniques laid out the framework for a great day. 

Seeking out and attending parenting classes and parenting courses, reading parenting books and generally begin open about all things parenting has made a huge impact on my families lives. Making a decision to practice positive parenting has made our families operation run very smooth for the most part. It was the right decision in my life. 

So to take my own parenting advice, I think I am going to sign up for that parenting course I have been looking at. How are you going to improve your parenting today?

Blessings of happiness,

Nurse Nancy Beck

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