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Positive Parenting Techniques and solutions book

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“Stress, anxiety and sleep disorders are universal. Pillow Talk Prescriptions empower parents to speak positive affirmations to their sleeping children. Employing this simple ‘secret’ may profoundly impact your life as well as your child’s,” - Douglass Beal, MD  

“I understood what to do right away, it just made sense and it worked,” – Meghan, mother

“I am very excited about the Pillow Talk concept and I am sharing it with my staff,” – Dr. Lori, Pediatric Dentist

 “Nancy’s advice is an excellent guide for parents to use in raising their children in a loving and supportive atmosphere; and her techniques are quite effective,” - Rev. Dr. Gary Langston

“Parents are mirrors, reflecting their child’s strengths, attributes, and room for growth. Pillow Talk extends positive affirmations while children sleep to influence a positive self concept and reinforce parents’ loving and protective attachment to their children,”  - Lynn Ogden, MSW, ACSW, CSW, BCDSW

Pillow Talks are a regular part of my parenting now.”

Susan McLeod –

I am a parent coach, and the mother of two energetic boys. When Nancy Beck introduced Pillow Talk Prescriptions to me, the concept of speaking to a sleeping child was a familiar one. I had heard of it from a therapist who specializes in transforming extremely challenging children. In families where children rejected all positive feedback, the therapist would recommend that the parents try speaking the positive messages to them while they are in a sleepy state, to bypass the child’s defenses.

What Nancy opened my eyes to is that this technique need not be reserved for extremely wounded or difficult children; it’s a tool that any parent can use with practical applications and great results.

Plus, it’s a simple concept to grasp and it’s easy to follow Nancy’s five-step formula to create a Pillow Talk message or use one from her book. The formula incorporates Nancy’s expertise in guided imagery and positive affirmations that she uses as a nurse to help hasten patients’ healing.

I decided to create a Pillow Talk to address sibling rivalry between my 4 and 6 year old sons. While they had always gotten along in manner that would be considered normal, there were jealousies around my affection and attention that seemed to run deep. I wanted them to move beyond tolerating one another.

It took a few attempts before I felt like I was getting the hang of the process to deliver the Pillow Talk. The first time I tried it, I completely woke up my 6 year old son. The following day, I noticed no change in the way they related to each other. My next attempts were more successful, and my sons became aware that I was giving them what they coined “love talks” while they slept. They let me know with extra-tender kisses and hugs that they liked it.

After the third time I used my Pillow Talk, I started to notice a shift in the way the two boys related to each other. My older son showed greater kindness in speaking to his younger brother, and in volunteering to help him with everyday things like getting dressed and brushing his teeth. In fact, when my younger son would ask me to do something for him, my older son would often chime in, “Come here; I can do that for you.” And my younger son was eager to let him and to reciprocate by helping him with his projects as well.

This is not a result of programming. My Pillow Talks consist of telling each of my sons how special he is to me, using an example from the day’s events, how much I love him, and how much I appreciate everything he does for our family. I don’t suggest that they be more loving, I just deliver a message to reinforce my love and their specialness – and it was received like emotional IV medicine directly to their souls. They haven’t fought over my attention or affection since.

Pillow Talks are a regular part of my parenting now, and I credit them for better attitudes in my children and a more loving atmosphere in my home. If a few nights pass without them, one of my sons inevitably says, “Hey mom, why aren’t you giving me love talks?”

Susan McLeod –

Parenting Tips and solutions book for guiding children

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