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“Create Robot Children”

When I use the term robot children I am talking about a soulless object that follow the commands of others without thought of their own feelings and emotions attached to the outcomes. We already have too much of a robot society. People are meandering through life living without purpose, becoming zombies in their own life.

I personally was raised somewhat of a robot child. I coward to my father’s request and was not allowed to speak an opinion. It has taken me most of my adult life to overcome the results. I am instead, helping parents to deprogram their children from their fears and empowering children to make their own choices.

Does anyone want robot children? No and  maybe a very small yes. As parents we want them to listen to us when it comes to health and safety, such as a when my young daughter found it fun for Mommy to chase her in driveways and parking lots. That was not acceptable, and as much as I used traditional parenting things did not change until I spoke a 60 second Pillow Talk to her. Afterwards she was willing to hold my hand or let me pick her up without being chased.

Pillow Talks can prepare children to face and overcome childhood challenges, such as fear of bugs, taking an important exam, making healthy food choices and so much more.

Another example is when my son developed test anxiety in the middle of the fourth grade. He suddenly started scoring poorly on his test. He said the answers were all floating around in his head and he didn’t know which one is right. Both my husband and I spoke separate Pillow Talks to him. The next test he scored nearly perfect. When I asked him how it went he said “It was simple…the answers came to me” and he had time left over for reading.

The results are almost always immediate.

–Nurse Nancy Beck

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