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Parents Number One Job Is To Keep Their Children Safe

 Protection and Safety with Pillow Talk

“If our children live in fear, they cannot function at their highest ability.”

– Nurse Nancy Beck

Living in fear with anxiety, whether imaginary or real, can introduce incredible stress in one’s life and affect every aspect of it. As an adult you can change your environment and surroundings. You can move, change jobs or seek out therapy to resolve issues with insecurity and fear. I mean think about it. We live in a country that allows us to change almost every aspect of our life no matter how much money you have or who you are, if you choose to do it. It only takes a choice.

Our children on the other hand, do not have it so lucky. Our children revolve around and live in our world. They experience what we as parents do and say every day. They are completely reliant on us for their perception of how to feel secure and safe. We, as parents are responsible for a lot of our children’s anxiety and fears. How’s that for a big responsibility?

If you’re a believer in positive parenting, this big responsibility has an easy solution with just a little parenting help. I found my parenting advice in a class called “Conscious Discipline” that was being taught at the local adult education center. In a nutshell what I learned was that it is the parent’s job to keep their children secure and safe or to be more exact, it is our job to make our children understand that it is our job to keep them safe and secure, and that is a key to being a positive parent.

The beauty of this parenting job description is that I can allow my children to explore and grow their environment. I can be their companion and friend yet, when the time is necessary, set limitations and boundaries to keep them safe. My children respect and feel safe that these boundaries’ are in place for their protection instead of thinking I am just stopping them from having fun. Instead of rebellion, we get support and compliance from our children. This leads to a lot less anxiety and stress for both parents and children alike.

In addition, I have developed special pillow talks to give to my children at night to solidify the family connection of love and protection. Taking on my new job duties and mixing them with pillow talks has worked wonderfully for my family and you can experience the love and protections pillow talks in part one of my book:

 It is important that we have our children in a safe and secure environment. It is probably the second most important thing that we can offer our children, next to being loved. Taking the parenting class on “Conscious Discipline” helped my family understand what it means to keep our children feeling secure, including setting consistent limitations and boundaries. If our children live in insecurity, fear or anxiety, they cannot function at their highest ability. If our children feel secure and safe, they can achieve anything.

Pillow talks are an amazing way to reduce child fear, and child anxiety while raising stress free children. Use this website to get parenting advice and parenting help while searching for parenting tips on raising children.

Pillow talks are my number one positive parenting technique. Pillow Talk has allowed me to give parent support and parenting classes and make a difference to our children and generations to come.

Blessings of happiness;

 Nurse Nancy Beck

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