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The Art of Encouraging and Guiding Your Children While They Sleep.

Parenting Book - Talking to Your Children While They Sleep - Pillow Talk Solutions

“Using Pillow Talks has changed our lives in beautiful and profound ways.”

– Nurse Nancy Beck

Parenting ( is defined as the practice of promoting and supporting the physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of a child from birth to adulthood. For the most part this simple sentence will take a parent two decades to complete. The results or success of being a parent will be judged by our children even further into the future, maybe even a lifetime after the child rearing years are over.

As a new parent, most of us only have our own experiences to guide us in the process of raising children. We have beliefs in what works and does not work. We have confidence in what action creates what consequences, and we probably know more of what does not work than what does.

We hopefully want better consequences for our children. So we must look for proper actions with parenting advice, parenting help and parenting tips from outside our immediate family circle. We need to find others we know like and trust that can help guide us in what we believe to be good parenting techniques and methods.

I call this process Positive Parenting. The continued search for parenting techniques and methods that results in raising children that are more physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially balanced to deal with the ever changing world.

In my Pillow Talk Book Tour I go in-depth on what events came together to discover the Pillow Talk techniques, so for now I will only say I feel very lucky that my education and interest came together to create what I call Pillow Talk.

Pillow Talk is the art of encouraging and guiding your children while they sleep. I call it an art because while it has a structure or framework to follow, just like a painter must learn about color, canvas and brushes. After that, the results to be achieved with Pillow Talks are unlimited, just like the pictures an artist creates.

Pillow talks have been a major tool in my parenting tool box and I believe that if every parent learned them, they would achieve incredible results for their children, just like I did. These results will follow your children into adulthood. I have also found that Pillow talks are extremely effective for busy parents, which I have been known to be.

In the Pillow Talk book I go over how to create your own Pillow Talks and achieve results for an almost limitless list of childhood problems or fears. I also give you Pillow Talk templates on sixteen common childhood situations that can have a life time of consequences it not dissolved for your child.  I consider this solution list almost priceless when I sit back and think of all the time and energy which could have been wasted or expended if these situations were not handled correctly or if the outcomes had truly turn bad. I have thanked God often  that I was lead to the perfect solution and receive the perfect results.

It feels good to practice positive parenting and thank you for your interest in becoming a better parent. The following is the list of Pillow Talk templates I include in my book. I will be expanding them as the website expands and I am able to touch more and more parents. In the meantime please enjoy exploring the website and its articles. Please take the Pillow Talk book tour and most of all please continue to practice positive parenting.

Nurse Nancy Beck

Pillow Talk Templates

  • Building Loving Connection
  • Walking in front of cars
  • Health
  • Healing
  • Dentist and Doctor Visits
  • Fear of Bugs
  • Protection
  • Beauty
  • Haircut
  • Making Friends
  • Frustration
  • Reading
  • Test Taking and Better Grades
  • Writing
  • Forgiveness
  • Sunburn



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