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Better Grades For Children With Pillow Talk

How can a 2nd grader get C’s on a test? I thought to myself. I mean there’s no take home homework, they just have to pay a little attention to the teacher and do a little memorization. A’s should be normal at this age, but C’s, this is not normal.

Michael was about half way through 2nd grade and for the most part been an excellent student in school with very good grades. For the last month though, his grades had started to slip. This had come to the attention of the teacher who was relaying her concern to us.

We went over possible causes for the poor test results and were at a loss for answers. There were no noticeable changes in the way Michael acted at home and the teacher verified that Michael was very good in class. What could it be? How were we going to get Michael back on the path to better grades? We decided to bring home much of his homework and help him with it.

Michael did well on the homework he brought home and giving him full parenting support I discovered that it wasn’t the subject; he was having problems taking tests. He said he got extremely nervous and could not concentrate on the problems and there was a time limit and so many questions. The worse he did the more nervous he got. Aah – Ha!, Michael wasn’t suffering from poor learning habits; he was suffering from test anxiety.

Over the last few years, my wife Nancy had been working on and perfection a technique she calls Pillow Talk. Pillow Talk is creating a one minute specially worded conversation and speaking it to our children while they sleep to guide them through problems in their lives’ as well as build a stronger loving connection with them. It was working well so far in our children’s lives. Eliminating test anxiety seemed to be a perfect job for Pillow Talk.

Within a few weeks the teacher was reporting back that Michaels was scoring excellent on tests again. This was confirming what Michael had been telling me that the tests were no big deal and they were not bothering him anymore. For my family, Pillow Talks were the keys to better grades and the elimination of test anxiety and test nervousness.

Test anxiety can affect anyone at any age. It can cause poor grades, low self esteem and even cost you a promotion or a job as an adult. All because you get nervous and cannot concentrate or focus. Pillow talks are an excellent technique to eliminate the nervousness and gain concentration. Being calm and focused will always give you better grades and better test scores, no matter what the level of knowledge you have.

Michael is now entering 6th grade and has been an A student the whole time. I am confident he will do great through college and beyond. We have used pillow talks with his sister who is in 3rd grade which great success also. Sarah always wants me to do a pillow talk before her big tests. She says pillow talks give her better grades. I will let you know how it goes.

Much Parenting Success,

Mark Beck

PS: Nancy had a response to this article you can read here:

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