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Nurse Nancy Beck

With two decades of service as a critical care nurse with the highest designation in one of the nation’s best hospitals and alongside top cardiac surgeons,
Nancy Beck, BSN, RN,
is at the forefront of the mind-body-spirit connection, leading thousands to access and harness this powerful tool to hasten healing and improve recovery. Pillow Talks empower parents to do the same for their children, with amazing results.

Nancy’s book, “Pillow Talk: Loving Affirmations to Encourage and Guide Your Children,” chronicles her experiences and evolution of the technique with her own children and shows others how to do it too.

Pillow Talks help parents affirm, nurture and guide their children by sharing important information while the children are asleep. For me, the technique was as effective, or more effective, than daytime conversation because my child was not distracted. Pillow Talks can prepare children to face and overcome life’s challenges, such as fear of bugs, taking an important exam, or making healthy food choices.
You can learn more about Pillow Talk here.

Born without the ball of one hip, Nancy endured many medical procedures at a young age, vowing to be healed and help others heal. In 2009, at age 44, she placed first in a women’s NASTAR ski competition, getting the gold medal.

Nancy’s mission is to provide effective tools and advice to support a strong bond of love in families. She does that as “Nurse Nancy Talk” – Pillow Talk, as described here, Parent Talk, her column in the Central Missouri Post, and The Beck Method, a book on family finances.


Nancy travels and speaks to parents, health professional such as nurses and dentists, as well as educational professional and church groups.

If you would like to invite Nancy Beck to speak to your group, please Contact Nurse Nancy Here with your request.

Nancy’s presentation topics can be customized to address your specific audience. Some of her topics include:

Pillow Talk Prescriptions:
The 5 steps to crafting loving affirmations to encourage and guide your children while they sleep

Relax and Heal Yourself: The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection
How to use guided imagery to reduce stress and hasten healing and recovery

Guided Imagery for Nurses:
How bedside nurses can use guided imagery and enable patient self-empowerment

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