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Parenting Course - Pillow Talk Pro - Building Loving Family Bond and Connection by Nurse Nancy Beck

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Hi, this is Mark Beck, husband to Nurse Nancy and father to Michael and Sarah and I would like to welcome you to Pillow Talk Pro.

The discovery of Pillow Talks by Nancy and the use of them by both she and I have made what I believe to be an incredible difference in our family.  My personal experience as a parent has actually been quite pleasant compared to what I have been told by everyone else about raising children.  I have experienced terrific two’s and three’s, fantastic four’s, fabulous five’s and so on. Each year of my children’s life has been as exciting for me as for them.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there have are and will be moments in the process of raising our children that I want to forget and not experience again. These are just opportunities though to use the wonderful parenting tips and techniques that I have learned and been taught. One of which is Pillow Talk

I like to think of Pillow Talks as one of the best tools in my parenting tool box. Once you’re comfortable with using them or creating them you can make incredible changes to your children’s life and dissolve many of their childhood challenges. Pillow Talks are easy and quick; this is of huge value when you have busy schedules and life. Pillow Talks are also very powerful; which means you do not have to do them a lot and only when a situation arises that needs effective and long lasting change.

What is Nurse Nancy Becks Pillow Talk Pro?What is Pillow Talk Pro and Its Goals?

Pillow Talk Pro is a 10 day parenting course designed to teach a parent how to use Pillow Talks in their daily life and make extraordinary changes in their children’s and family’s life. The specific goals of this course:

1. Teach a parent how to build an incredible loving bond with their children using Pillow Talks.

2. Give a parent the experience to speak Pillow Talks to their children effortlessly and comfortably.

3. As a bonus give some or our most important parenting tips and parenting advice making your life easier.

Why Nurse Nancy Beck's Pillow Talk Pro?

Why Pillow Talk Pro?

As I have watched Nurse Nancy sell lots of books I have noticed that when we were able to go back and ask parents for their thoughts.  Everyone used the parenting advice, however, a few had not ever spoken a Pillow Talk. They would agree it is an incredible discovery. They knew how they were planning on using it and how this that and the other thing had been keeping them from speaking one. Yet, the fact remained that they had denied themselves from the power and help of Pillow Talks.

When I  look at myself and how I learn, I recognize that I read a lot of books and experience the same phenomenon. Typically a little rubs off and my life is changed.

On the other hand I have always understood this about myself, and when I find something that is of interest to me I like to find additional training in the subject. I do this because I know that if I really learn it my life has been changed.  I believe this works for everyone else.  With this in mind I developed Pillow Talk Pro.

Pillow Talk Pro is a parent’s guarantee of success to learn and use Pillow Talks. It is designed to hold your hand for reaching success in a timely manner. Upon completion of the course you will have integrated Pillow Talk’s incredible benefits into your family’s life.

How does Nurse Nancy Beck's Pillow Talk Pro Course Work?How Does The Pillow Talk Pro Course Work?

I feel that I am an expert at practicing the art of Pillow Talk, and this wasn’t always the case. I had many restrictions along the way that I overcame with Nancy’s help. Because of this experience we both felt that I actually have some better ability to relate, design, and teach Pillow Talk Pro. During this time I will be your teacher.

To achieve your success the Pillow Talk Pro Course is delivered to you by email over a two week period with 10 lessons.  Each lesson contains an overview, helpful keys to open restrictions and lessons to be completed before speaking a Pillow Talk with your children.

This course is designed so you are taking very small confident-building steps each day. This course will broaden your parenting ideas and guide you in a gentle way.  Just as a balloon cannot return to its original size after being expanded your parenting skills will grow to new limits.

Get Bonus Parenting Advice and Parenting Tips with Nurse Nancy Beck's Pillow Talk ProI think you’re going to find Pillow Talk Pro interesting and  informative. Most importantly in two weeks you will be making incredible loving family bonds  making your children’s , family, and your own life happier.

The course includes:

  1. Materials for Two. That is you and a mastermind partner.*
  2. Daily guidance which consists of:
    • Video’s
    • Audio’s
    • Instruction and explanations
    • Examples
    • Keys to success
    • Lessons
  3. Exclusive exploration of priceless parenting tips and advice that Nancy and I use with our family.
  4. 2 Books- Pillow Talk: loving affirmations to encourage and guide your children.
  5. 2 MP3 formated audio books- Pillow Talk: loving affirmations to encourage and guide your children.

Thanks for being a great parent,

Mark Beck

PS: Remember, As a bonus I will also be giving out my most beneficial parenting advice and parenting tips during the course. Priceless parenting tips and parenting advice that I feel have made my parenting experience incredible and can make your parenting experience incredible too.

Whats A MasterMind Partner?
*We have given you the materials for two to stack success in your favor. You may select a mastermind partner to help and guide you. Someone to take the course with you. With the guidance of the material you and your mastermind partner will give each other inspiration to reach success. Your mastermind partner should be someone you know and trust.

Parenting Course for Positive Parenting - Pillow Talk - Encourange and Guide your children while they sleep

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